there Will be love gets overhauled!

Welcome all to our new and improved there Will be love! We're so excited you're here and hope that you enjoy the overhaul that we have done to our site. Coming back after such a long break was the perfect time to revamp our site, purpose, and brand. We truly hope that if you stuck with us through the break that you enjoy reading our essays as much as before and, if you're new, we hope that you find this site to be uplifting, relatable, and amusing.

If we haven't officially met, I am Aly, the founder and principal writer on there Will be love. I am currently a middle school band director in suburban Chicago and am married to my college sweetheart, Cody. Together, we have a two year old son, one dog, and a fish named Norman. While being a working mom was not always the lifestyle I had envisioned for myself, I have found it to be quite validating and about as stressful as one can imagine. As if I didn't have enough on my plate, I decided to make my dreams come true through the written word and thus there Will be love was born!

Each Sunday night as we're all suffering from our "Back to the Grind Anxiety," you will be welcomed by a new essay that will hopefully brighten up your spirits and launch you into the new week with positivity and encouragement. We will occasionally be featuring essays from guest writers that will provide a fresh perspective and insight into this crazy and beautiful ride we call Motherhood.  We look forward to sharing in this journey with you and hope you find peace, love, and laughter in our words.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone and again, thanks for joining us! 

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